Kaiku LAINOA urdina

Kaiku LAINOA urdina

210 EUR

LAINOA means cloud in Basque.

Here in the Basque Country clouds are grey and not white, at least very often. So in their name we publish our limited edition LAINOA, inside our Kaiku collection, made with natural fabric 100% merino wool made in Spain. As always, our coats are hand crafted by local artisans in the Basque Country.

What are other stories?

The other stories are variations of our main designs, usually preordered by our clients that have decided to write their own story. After that we decide to also offer those new stories to whoever that wants to get them.

Kaiku Collection.

Kaiku is the coat traditionally worn by the Basque fishermen or arrantzales. It was made by a tight wool fabric, perfect for the heavy rains and humid wind they have to deal with on the sea.

We have maintained the simplicity of its shape and the main features of the kaiku, such as the big pockets, heart-shaped elbow patch or the shoulder stripes to keep the txapela.