TXAPELA ezkoziarra

TXAPELA ezkoziarra

46 EUR

TXAPELA means BERET in Basque.

This is the result of a collaboration to renew the traditional txapela with Boinas Elosegui, the only traditional beret factory remaining in the Basque Country. They have been making berets since 1858 in Tolosa, Gipuzkoa. For this collection we have customized their txapelas, with the ribbons we use for our kaikus, creating the perfect combination.

TXAPELA Collection.

TXAPELA is the traditional beret used in the Basque Country by almost every men and children. It was knitted by hand in the begining. The the making process was industralized and became an affordable hat for everyone, so thousends of them were boughr every week. The wool was treated so it became very tight, perfect for the heavy rains and humid wind, so common in the Basque Country.

The txapelas were usually worn with kaikus, and the stripe those have on the shoulder, was actually to keep them save when removing then in the interior of the church, or someone's home.